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Dear Customer,
Thank you for your continued patronage and interest in our extensive inventory of one-of-a-kind, hard to find automobiles.

We are proud to offer unique cars at fair prices and we take great pleasure in what we do and always do our best to source the best cars and offer superior service.

Sometimes our clients ask themselves(and us):
“Why should I consider buying a vehicle, potentially sight-unseen, from a dealer that is not local to me?”

Here are a few incentives:
Our inventory

We handpick the cars we offer for sale, keeping in mind the vehicles history, current condition and value. We go out of our way to source vehicles from the southern states, such as California, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, Florida, New Mexico, Nevada, South Carolina, Virginia, etc. We believe this really adds to the value of our vehicles and sets us apart of the competition.We DO NOT buy vehicles at salvage auctions, and none of the vehicles in our inventory have salvage titles, TMU titles, etc.

Unlike a lot dealers in automobiles on eBay, we don't just flip cars.

Our acquisition, service & reconditioning staff knows the cars we sell inside-out. So we start by striving hard to buy quality cars in the first place. Then when the vehicle gets to our facility, every car gets checked by our mechanics, some of which have decades of experience servicing these particular cars and know the common faults in the particular vehicle & what to check for - some cars are prone to problems that are not immediately apparent to the average mechanic. If we need to carry out a repair, we know where to get quality parts for said vehicle - we wont just put the cheapest available part on your car! When it comes to detailing, our guys know how to not use aggressive chemicals that do not work well with the older finishes on some of the older cars we sell. We use the appropriate techniques to take care of your future car!

We welcome independent inspections!

We feel confident in the quality of our vehicles and welcome inspections of any kind. Be it an independent inspection via a vehicle inspection company of your choice, a scheduled inspection at the dealer, or an independent mechanic.

There are however a few exceptions we want to mention:Please do not expect us to give you the vehicle for you to take it to your mechanic without one of our staff being with the car. Also please do not expect us to be able to do this without previous notice, as we might not have someone available to go with you. Please excessive good judgement and do not expect us to take the vehicle to a shop that is far away. Finally if you want us to take the car somewhere there is usually a small charge that pays for the time of the person that would take it there.

We have lots of experience when it comes to interstate shipping!

If you are concerned about shipping the vehicle to your home, don't be!It is our pleasure to arrange shipping for your vehicle, to the destination of your choice - completely free of charge to you (other than actual cost of shipping).We ship typically ship over a thousand of vehicles a year, and we are a licensed shipping broker. Unlike a shipping broker though, we do not charge a commission - you pay what it costs, and not a penny more - all of the money spent on shipping goes to the party that will deliver the vehicle. This cuts out the middle man and allows us to ship vehicles at the lowest cost, saving you money.Compare this to the typical $200-$250 surcharge a shipping broker gets on top of what it actually costs to ship a car and it becomes clear that we really do everything of our customers!


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